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AG Reyes Supports Benefits for Public Safety Officers & Families Affected by Work Related PTSD

Today, April 25th, Attorney General Reyes and 53 other attorneys general added their voices in support of the Public Safety Officer Support Act of 2022. The legislation addresses gaps in support for public safety officers who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) associated with the high-risk nature of their jobs.

In the letter, the attorneys general praise the work of public safety officers including police, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians who respond to stressful and often traumatic situations. Compared to the general public, they are 25.6 times more likely to develop PTSD. Those who suffer from PTSD are at increased risk of suicide.

While this bill will not prevent suicide and trauma endured by public safety officials, the legislation supports public safety officers by:

  • Designating work-related PTSD and acute stress disorder as a “line-of-duty” injury for eligible officers and those who are permanently disabled from attempted suicide.
  • Allowing families of officers who die by trauma-linked suicide to apply for death benefits.

Read full letter here: