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National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2023

January 11, 2023

Today, the Utah Attorney General’s Office observes Human Trafficking Awareness Day to increase awareness of human exploitation in all its forms.

“Are these things happening in the state of Utah? Absolutely. We have prosecuted many cases and we’re investigating even more cases as we speak — labor cases, sex cases, sexual exploitation and child pornography cases,” said Attorney General Reyes.

Fighting human trafficking is a priority for the Utah Attorney General’s Office and Attorney General Reyes. Our Utah Trafficking in Persons (UTIP) Task Force and the Utah SECURE Strike Force fight human trafficking through supporting anti-human trafficking legislation, victim recovery and advocacy. Additionally, our investigators investigate and arrest traffickers.

The Utah Attorney General’s Office is committed to proactively fight against human trafficking, prosecute traffickers and bring healing and justice to victims.

About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery and an egregious violation of human rights involving the illegal trade of people for exploitation or commercial gain. Human trafficking is a worldwide problem. Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide. The human trafficking industry is estimated to be a $150 billion per year industry.

Human trafficking can include sex trafficking, forced labor, illegal adoptions and creating or selling child pornography. These issues are prevalent in Utah and each year our office investigates and prosecutes these cases across Utah.

Traffickers use complex manipulative tactics such as force, fraud or coercion to control their victims. This makes it difficult for victims to come forward as they might not even be aware they are being victimized or fear retribution from their traffickers. Unfortunately, because of its secretive nature, human trafficking is difficult to detect. It is imperative that you pay attention to those in your life.

How You Can Help

  • Get Informed. Understanding human trafficking is the most important thing that you can do. Educate yourself and those around you about the realities of human trafficking.
  • Pay Attention. Pay attention to those you know and interact with. Human Trafficking is often not visible on the surface. Learn about recognizing human trafficking.
  • Support Anti-trafficking efforts. Whether it’s through volunteering at anti-trafficking organizations, hosting an awareness-raising event, or discussing your concerns with your state representatives, your support and efforts will make a difference.
  • Report Human Trafficking. If you observe something, say something. Contact the Human Trafficking Hotline.

Reporting Human Trafficking

If you encounter a situation that has indicators of human trafficking, contact your local law enforcement, let our investigators know, or contact the National Human Trafficking HotlineDo not attempt to confront a suspected trafficker directly or alert a victim to any suspicions. It is up to law enforcement to investigate suspected cases of human trafficking.

Utah Human Trafficking Tipline:  801-200-3443

National Human Trafficking Hotline:  1-888-3737-888

Text “Help” or “Info” to 233733


National Runaway Safe line: 1-800-RUNAWAY 1-800-786-2929

Text: 66008