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To Our Public Servants: Thank You

May 5, 2020

This week, and now more than ever, the Utah Attorney General’s Office extends its sincerest gratitude to our public servants during Public Service Recognition Week.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Utah’s public servants have kept our communities safe, connected, and functioning. Teachers moved their classrooms to online settings, delivery and mail workers have kept with the influx of online and mail deliveries, and law enforcement have diligently continued to fight crime and protect our families. Nurses, doctors, and health care professionals have remained on the front lines of fighting the virus and caring for the well-being of our state. Child welfare workers and centers, crisis centers, and organizations against domestic violence have remained open and operating remotely to continue providing resources and services to those in need of help. Government agencies have stayed open and functioning to ensure the welfare of all Utah citizens. Food banks, homeless shelters, and non-profit foundations have continued to look-out for those that are struggling.

The strength and dedication of the public servants of our nation and state deserve the utmost recognition and respect. Their efforts and work keep our state safe and prosperous, even in times of difficulty and uncertainty.

This week and in the times to come, we celebrate our everyday heroes that have taken on the mantle to keep our communities afloat. We honor their unwavering commitment, and we are proud to work alongside so many of them. 

To our public servants: Thank you.