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Attorney General Sean D. Reyes Announces New Division Directors and Organizational Changes

May 8, 2014 — Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes announced new division leaders and office organization changes today as part of his promise to comprehensively address policies, procedures and personnel within the office. New office structure will include Civil, Criminal and Appellate Departments led by Chief Civil Deputy Brian Tarbet, Chief Criminal Deputy Spencer Austin, and Chief Appellate Deputy Bridget Romano. Chief Romano also holds the position of Solicitor General and Laura Dupaix will serve as Deputy Solicitor General. Parker Douglas, who support’s AG Reyes on policy, administration and case management, will continue to serve as Chief of Staff and will take on the role as Federal Solicitor. Missy Larsen will continue to serve as Chief Communications Officer.

Divisions in each department are designed to cover caseloads in areas of law with sections as necessary.  In larger divisions, or by special request of a division director, the AG’s office will have a deputy director to assist with division administration, training, evaluating and management duties. The deputy director may be a section director who simultaneously serves in that role, or in addition to the section directors in the division. Some of those deputy positions have been filled and others are to be determined by division directors.

Attorney General Reyes has requested that each Division Director assess division needs and allow current AG employees to interview for a section director position over the next month. General Reyes said the following about leaders who are transitioning out of their administrative roles, “We thank every prior division leader for their tremendous service. These administrative changes should not be viewed as negative actions as we are transitioning some of the best leaders we have had in this office. Even in the case of the strongest leaders, there is a time to allow new leadership to develop for the long term health and success of an organization. All of our leaders have been dedicated in their service, gracious in their transition, and in many cases have been the ones who trained the new leadership and are now committed to support our new division directors.”

He also addressed those who interviewed and were not selected by saying, “We were fortunate to have an abundance of talent but only a very few spots to fill. We appreciate many who have the desire to serve and hope that they look to future opportunities.” General Reyes and his executive team based decisions on personal interviews with candidates, other members of their division, current and former office attorneys and staff, and heavy input from clients, other division and section leaders, as well some feedback from office holders,  legislators, cabinet members and other members of the bar. Our executive team feels like the volume and breadth of data reviewed gave us a very informed perspective of who has the best skill set for what the office needs at this time.